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What is a system tune up?

A proper system tune-up will optimize your computer’s performance while removing unneeded files       to regain space. A system tune-up also can fix errors that are already on your computer to prevent further problems from occurring.

Why should you let a professional service this for you?

Having a professional perform your system tune up is extremely important to ensure that no files or data is lost in the tune up stage. There are also many different “tune up options” depending on what kind of computer that you have, and its important to make sure that the proper utilities are used. Using random tools downloaded from the Internet can cause damage to your computer, install secret viruses and in the worst case, wipe your computer clean, losing all of your important data.

How does Computer PROS help?

At Computer PROS, we have performed tune-ups on thousands of computers, using professional-grade software and years of experience. We will ensure that no valuable data or software is lost in the process. We guarantee that your computer will be running smoother after our technicians are finished.